Who is this Keighla lady, anyway?

First of all I'm Keighla, it sounds like "Kayla" but spelled in a super fun way - thanks Mom and Dad!

10 fun facts about me in the most random order:
1. My first real camera was a purple Kodak 110 camera. If you want to see some rocking shots of summer camp in 1993 let me know. I was a whiz.
2. I have a Bachelor's degree in print journalism (thank you, UW-River Falls class of 2007) and I worked as a newspaper reporter for a few years. That's where my love for photojournalism came from and when I had had enough of working thanklessly I gave it up to pursue this little photo biz I'm running.
3. I love Jesus. I attended private schools from preschool all the way through high school and have married the son of a preacher man!
4. Like so many other people, I binge watch shows on Netflix. I'm editing or working, some gluttonous show is on the background. Sometimes I choose a classical music station on Pandora instead so I feel better about myself, but usually it's Grey's Anatomy or Dance Moms. 
5. I have selective OCD. I make lists of lists, my closet is color coordinated, groceries go on the belt according to where they go in the kitchen and the silverware has specific spots in the dishwasher; but, I let my fuel tank get down to 1 mile, my file cabinet is a hodgepodge and please don't look under my bathroom sink. 

6. I met and married the most amazing husband who is supportive, funny, handsome and I just love him. He lets me be a vehicular rockstar when my jam comes on and is the cook in our house. We had a beautiful, wintery wedding on Friday, December 13.
7. I have four best friends, my sister (who some of you will get to see when she comes along as my assistant!) and three girlfriends from college. Every time I get a chance to spend a few hours with them I am overwhelmed with feelings of thankfulness for their roles in my life.
8. My earliest memory is in the kitchen of my childhood home and my parents were having a "cook-off" of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to see who made it "right:" the peanut butter on one piece of bread and the jelly on another and then smooshed or the jelly on top of peanut butter on the same slice. They had me, the 3ish-year-old be the the taste tester. I don't remember who I chose as the winner, or anything else from that day, but know I make my PB&J with both components on the same slice.
9. While I value every photo Experience with clients and weddings one of my most treasured moments as a photographer was when I won a contest through Shell gas stations and the prize was being the Minnesota Twins Baseball team's photographer for the day. I got to take photos during batting practice and sit in the dugout next to the real photographer (and men in baseball pants ...) but I had to awkwardly wave and be on the big screen while standing behind home plate as they introduced and congratulated- that was weird. 
10. I don't do tent camping. I will admit I am too high maintenance and require electricity and running water.

11. (cause I can even though I said "10 things", this is MY website) I currently have an obsession with a grey, tan and mint color story. If you come to my studio you'll see that in my living room. It's adorable. 

Next, some Fresh Face info: Since 2010, Keighla's Fresh Face Photography has been dedicated to providing custom, modern portraits for clients. We pride ourselves on pushing our creativity and skill to bring each client an experience and result as special and one-of-a-kind as they are. My goal is for each session is to make it a memorable experience - that's why I call them Experiences, not sessions. 

Keighla's Fresh Face Photography is owned and operated out of a home studio in Chaska, MN. We have great portrait locations to recommend near us for your shoot, or we are more than happy to travel to the client to capture them in their home or at some of their favorite spots to capture authentic smiles, joy and love. Some of the most frequent places we go include: Waconia, Cologne, Carver, Chanhassen, Edina, Wayzata, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, Red Wing, Rochester and Trimont, Minnesota. Ask about our travel opportunities and we'll chat!'

After becoming a client I will send you here so you can check out the WELCOME PACKET!



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