Week 9: pecan

October 16, 2015

Welcome to San Fran, little one! I know you can't see or hear any of it, but it's awesome. We've had a great trip so far. We have learned Auntie Shelbey needs to eat regularly and good food or it's just bad news - and scheduled nap times are a bonus. You are wearing her out! After dinner one night we went to get ice cream and boy, did that make Shelbs' little belly pop! It was pretty cute to see some evidence of you.

In the photos at the Golden Gate bridge there is a hint of you, too. Just a little belly and it's the sweetest thing I have seen. I can't feel you, or the effects of you but seeing "you" is a cool feeling that I am not quite sure how to describe. 

We found a pecan at a place where GiGi recommended we go: Casa De Fruita. It was the little attraction on the side of the road where every building was a "case de" something. Candy, coffee, and stuff like that. They had all sorts of nuts and candies. We were happy to get some pecans to see how much bigger you've gotten while we were in Cali. 

On this trip we found a few other things for you, A couple cute outfits. I snapped a photo of Dad at a souvenir shop. He was looking at the things hanging on the wall and noticed some Alcatraz onesies and picked one out for you. It's so simple and such a little thing, but it made my heart smile. We also found another little book that's about San Francisco and things that are popular there. I can't wait to read books to you. I have a feeling your dad and I will nurture you into a reader, Auntie didn't become much of a reader until she was older and even still it's selective. But, both Dad and I LOVE to read. So, we shall see! 

So many things to wonder about. 

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