Week 11: Brussel sprout

Look how big you're getting!! Can you even believe it! It's so fun to go to the grocery store each week and find the right fruit of veggie to represent your size!

This week we told Auntie Isabele about your and told her she has to keep a secret! It has been very hard for her so we are giving her a lot of responsibility and trusting that she will keep her mouth shut. I think she can do it. We gave her a shirt that had a little cartoon ant wearing nerdy glasses and on the back it said "I am going to be an Aunt!" she was embarrassed at first but I think she understood and had lots of questions. She brought down some baby dolls and practices swaddling and changing diapers. She really hopes you're a girl, but will love you if you're a boy. She wants to babysit you someday, which I think could be pretty fun!