Week 14: Lemon

The photos this week just make me happy - the color of the lemon is bright and cheery and Auntie Shelb looks so cute. 

Looks like we are going to have to move! We had bought a small washer and dryer to use in our townhouse knowing we would need to wash and dry clothes much more often with you on the way! Its the cute little mini set and doesn't require hook ups. Turns out they're not allowed. So we are now on the hunt for a new home; one that has a full sized washer and dryer. We love you and know you're probably going to make messes. We also want to bring you to a home that you will thrive in. We aren't sure the current place, while it's nice enough for us, it is small and we've been here long enough -we are ready for something a little nicer. So the hunt is on for your first home! 

We also celebrated our last Thanksgiving without you. We are so thankful for you! Can't wait to bring you next year on our wild turkey day where we go from dinner table to dinner table.