Week 15: avocado

This week we viewed a new place to live and I think we are really going to like it - and you will, too! We are hopeful it will all work out for us all to live there and make it a great first home!

One of my favorite parts of this week was when Kohlton had a lot of questions about you. He is going to be such a great uncle - I am so excited for you guys to meet. 

It's Black Friday and we wore your poor surrogate out! We may have over done it so if you got tired, too, sorry! It's tradition. We were a little more relaxed about it this year. It made me think of how next year will go. You may have to sit the first years out and hang out with Dad at home. 

We also celebrated Shelbey's birthday! She, of course, craved and ate fries as well as cheesecake. We have a fun photo of you in her belly by the display case of cheesecakes :) We will have to come up with some fun gifts for her next year!

It's getting closer to when we will find out if you are a girl or a boy. I am pretty sure you're a boy, most others think you're a girl. Daddy is not sure. Either way we will be so excited! 

We also have some snow around here- seems like it took forever to come. I'm guessing each of your bump date photos will have snow now. Unless we somehow end up going somewhere warm again!