Week 16: pickle

Growing so fast, little one! This week I went to a place where Dad used to work, Jimmy John's, to get a pickle. You're almost bigger than Shelbey's palms now! 

Turns out the snow all melted and there is none in sight - in December in Minnesota! Some people were waterskiing here in Minnesota this week. It was in the 50s but that's still crazy!

This week your mom and dad worked a wedding. We take videos and photos at people's weddings and it's such a fun job. It was close to our home so that was nice. It reminded us of how much we love each other and what a great team we make. Your dad is smart, he is patient and he is so supportive. I know he is going to be a good dad! He's already so proud of you :) I've been getting a few things here and there for you. All the clothes have been pretty safe for girls or boys but I still think you're a boy! Aside from a pickle you're also as big as a game controller. I think that's cute! 

Mom has been busy editing photos from mini sessions. Being a photographer and capturing other people's memories is such an honor. I can't wait until I can take your photo every day!

I got my first set of magazines for parents and families delivered to me. It's surreal that they will apply to me. Doing some of those activities as a family is going to be dreams come true. So simple and silly but finally a reality for me! 

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