Week 17: pomegranate

Still no snow! Someday you'll see how crazy this is :) 

This week we have been married 2 years! We also worked a wedding this weekend and in some ways it was a lot like our big day and we loved spending the weekend together. For our anniversary we had hoped to go to a comedy show but that didn't work out. Instead I drug your father to Murphy's Landing - a little park where they have houses set up in their historical era from fur trading to Victorian times. I loved it; as a child I would go there for field trips around Christmastime. Dad was a bit "meh" about it, but he did it for me! For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant, Chaing Mai Thai, which is closing in a few days. We are sad you'll never get to go there but we will have to find a place where we can bring you and we can have a new place to call ours. 

We went with Aunt Vicki to take your cousin Rylan to Macy's 8th floor Christmas display. I am curious as to what you'll think of it. Rylan was scared, which is so unlike him! We love Christmas time and taking you to see Santa will be fun! Doing things with your cousin will be pretty special, too. You guys are going to be buddies.