Week 22: corn

Because you were a stinker a few weeks ago at your anatomy scan we got to see you again this week. Last time you had your hands in front of your face so we couldn't see it. We also found out you have a few issues with your kidneys and heart; so we are all keeping a close eye on those but the doctors have told us not to worry too much. So - that's what we are all trying to do!

But getting to finally see your face was amazing, Small Fry. You are so beautiful. It made it amazingly real to know your little features. The ultrasound was pretty fun; obviously Shelbey, Mommy and Daddy were all there, but Papa John and Grammie D were also there. It was a fun appointment and so exciting to see you! But as soon as you let us peek at your eyes, lashes, nose, lips, mouth and tongue (you stuck it out at us a few times!) you swung your arms (and even legs!) up to cover your face again. Listen, I'm a photographer and you're going to have a camera in front of your face a lot so put those hands down and show off your little features. Got it? Ok. We also verified you're still a girl, so Mom's going to go ahead and cut off the tags from the little headbands we picked out for you. 

We also did quite a few other things. Your crib was already set up but we ordered your matching dresser and a rocker recliner for your room. It's amazingly comfortable and I'm so excited to have you lay on me when we rock and read stories. The mint, gold, coral and grey color scheme is coming along beautifully and will look great with the arrows and feathers I have planned for your room. Things are so close to being ready it's great! Auntie Isabele helped me organize your toy bin downstairs in your little under-the-stairs play area. 

Another thing I am getting ready for you is my body. I know it doesn't seem possible but even though you are not growing in my womb I am going to be able to nurse you. With the help of some doctors Mommy is taking medicines now that is making my body produce milk for you. Having the opportunity to create that bond with you is so special to me. I am grateful to have chance to have this connection with you! We have to go to a pharmacy thats kinda far away every few weeks to get the medicine so after we went this week Mom and Dad made a little date night out of it. It felt good to go to dinner together and think about how we only have 17 (or fewer) weeks until you come, to enjoy impromptu date nights together. How crazy is that!?

Mommy is a planner. We talked to our church, Mt. Olivet, about the possibility of having your Papa Tim baptize you in the same church where Mommy and Daddy were married. We also know your great grandparents, MomMom and Papa, will be in Minnesota when you're born - there are a few big events around your birth, including some high school and college graduations for Mommy's cousins. So it's going to work out for them to be here! So, because it's important to Mommy to have them at your baptism we chose a date and got it approved by both the church and Papa Tim's schedules. You're already one of God's great miracles and to have you welcomed into his family is going to be a very special day. 

This week was so busy- I need to also tell you about another special lady in your life. Your great-grandma Anderson. On January 21 she turned 106 years old! Isn't that amazing!?! She is a very sweet woman and talked to us about you and gave us some advice and told us she prays for you. She hadn't heard yet that we found out you are a girl. When we told her her sweet little face lit up and she said "A girl? That's wonderful!" She is excited to meet you, too. I can't wait to bring you to her.

I think that is all. So glad you're healthy and we got to see you again. Be extra nice to Auntie, she got the crummy cold we've all had now. (Just in time for her to start her new job :( poor girl.