Week 25: cauliflower

Sometimes I think it looks like you have shrunk according to these weekly photos but we decide which visual to choose based on what iPhone apps tell us so we go with it. The volume of the cauliflower is bigger! 

Speaking of growth - you mom is another year older this week. I turned 31! Usually I don't like my birthday. It had been about being a certain age and feeling like I hadn't accomplished what I had thought I would by then. Those feelings each year ranged from having more money, a better job, being married, being a mom. It was a lot of things that I thought I would have had by the time I was that certain age. As years have gone on I have eventually accomplished most of those things and had to remind myself life is not a race and it can't be planned out like that. I need to realize I have lots of blessings that I did not dream of or think I would ever accomplish or have as my reality. Owning a company, marrying a man who is the true definition of a soul mate and on the way to be coming a mom are wonderful things to have accomplished by 31. Plus, 31 is the mirror of our favorite number: 13. Feel free to come on May 13, by the way - haha! 

To celebrate Dad got us a jacuzzi suite at a downtown Minneapolis hotel and took me to dinner at Pizza Luce and a comedy show. We had so much fun! It was nice to be able to relax and enjoy time together and go out and celebrate. We talked about how our future birthdays will be different. For Dad's next birthday you will be here - we will have to get him a pretty cool gift! This year my birthday happened to be on Superbowl Sunday! It was fun to watch hours of commercials being interrupted by some boys hitting each other and throwing a football around. Ha! Another thing from Dad was a big huge full length mirror for our bedroom and hung it for me! It looks great in there and I have been wanting one for a really long time. In the photo you'll see Mom and Dad's unmade bed. Get used to it. It's a typical scene; sometimes we make our bed but sometimes we don't. 

Auntie Shelb's feet are better - most likely because she is doing a lot of computer work to learn all about her new career. She is adjusting and learning and we are so proud of her. 

We got to peek at you again. Auntie Vicki teaches college kids how to take X-Rays. In her school there is an ultrasound department where students can learn how to do all sorts of ultrasounds. They ask for volunteers to come in for OB ultrasounds so they can see babies in the womb and learn how to check on babies. It was so fun. Your little heart still has the same issue, but nothing to be too concerned about we have been told. The great news is your kidneys looked much better on this scan! That made us all happy to hear. Unsurprisingly your liked to block you little face with your hand. This time you were holding two fingers up giving us the "peace sign" and another time you hand your hand up in front of your your face and were making duck lips. Listen I'm all about selfies but duck lips and a peace sign? We will work on our originality, Small Fry. 

It is always fun explaining how Shelbey is our surrogate and you are our baby. People's reactions are so varied; some just nod and say "ok" others are in disbelief and say "no way, no way!" over and over and others start to cry. You are touching so many people. You have very selfless auntie in Shelbey. She is so giving and expects nothing. We had lots of fun together this week hanging out and going to the ultrasound. It was fun sister time! We even did this week's bump date photos twice: first outside Argosy then again on Lake Waconia! The sunset was too beautiful not to stop and take some shots. It was windy and freezing but we made it happen! She also is starting to fit into the shirt we bought when we found out it worked and she was pregnant; it says: "It's my brother-in-law's (and my sister's)" hahaha. So funny! Shelbey shared it with a surrogate page on Facebook and it got almost 200 likes. People think it's pretty funny.

I got to work on some art for your room this week. I think you will like it! I'm excited to hang it up and see how it looks. :) I also had a health scare and had to go to urgent care. Turns out the meds I am taking to induce lactation are making my body react. It thinks, in some ways, that it is pregnant. So there is intense nausea, heartburn and some flank pain. Dad was insistent that we go make sure Mom is OK so that's what we did. He sat by me as we waited. The doctors made sure there were no major issues and reassured us that we are OK. Just need to take it easy for a few days :) In sickness and in health. 

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