Week 26: butternut squash: DAD'S POV

Dad’s turn to write. Oh boy I hope my writing skills aren’t being compared to Mommy’s. This week went by very fast as all 25 previous weeks have. We seem to be getting closer to ready for your arrival. Friday night Grammie D and Papa Radde stopped by briefly to check out what tools I have in the garage and discuss making a couple floating shelves to go in your room over the recliner. I was able to go out to dinner with them after at a local tavern called Thirsty’s. It was fun to hang out with them and talk and laugh.

Your mom was able to go out with two of her best friends to celebrate her birthday which was the previous week. They talked and laughed and had a good time from what I heard from Mommy. Everyone is very excited to meet you!

Saturday we went ice fishing. It was fun to spend time together and catch some fish even if they were small. We talked about needing a bigger portable so we could take you with us in the future and maybe a little brother or sister could join you down the road. Mommy is still unwilling to touch the fish but, she sure likes catching them and getting video with her new Fresh Face video camera.

On Sunday it was Valentine’s Day so your mom and I went to Church and then I dropped mommy off at the nail salon to get her mani fixed. I went to the store and got mommy some flowers. I picked mommy up and we grabbed some lunch at Kowalski’s deli and had a romantic picnic in the car. That evening we were home and made a heart shaped spaghetti bake for our last Valentine’s day as a family of two. We are super romantic as you can tell.

Not much to tell about Monday and Tuesday except getting signed up for birth classes at the hospital with your Auntie Shelbey. Should be interesting to learn all about how to bring you into the world.

Wednesday we went over to Grammie D and Papa Radde’s to help paint their bedroom because we love painting so much. It was not so bad and went fast.

Thursday we went with your Auntie Shelbey and her friend Ashley and her son Benny to the Ice Castles in Eden Prairie it was very beautiful and made me think how fun it will be to take you there one day. Watching Benny run around and eat snow and sliding on the sled was fun and I imagine you will be loving those same activities in the near future.

Another week down and we are finally in the third trimester! May will be here before we know it and so will you! See you soon Small Fry. Don’t worry Mommy will be writing more soon.

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