Week 27: bunch of bananas: SURROGATE'S POV

 Hey Small Fry it's Auntie Shelb! We have made it through week 27!! We now have 2 months, 3 weeks and 3 days to go, but who's counting?!?! I am so excited to meet you and spoil you rotten!

     This week we kept pretty busy. You got to come with me and catch up with Meghan and Cody who were in town from Duluth for the night, and even though we talked, shared stories and got brought fresh warm cookies you were so comfy you must have snoozed through the whole thing because Meghan was anxiously waiting for you to kick her. Maybe next time you'll be a little more social!

    You also got to go on your first triple date!!! Your mommy, daddy, Aunt Vicki her date Mike and Auntie Shelbs and Eric all went out to eat together and talked about all sorts or crazy things and had a great time together. I'm sure your parents are soaking up as much date nights as they can before you keep them busy! P.S. no dating till you are 30!

   This week I finished my pharmacy tech certification and will finally get to go back and work at the hospital instead at the computer at home! It was a long month of class work but with the help and push of family and friends I did it. And let me just say I could basically be in nursing school and it is nothing like being a cosmetologist! So whatever job you get someday just know if auntie Shelb can switch careers you can too!

   So I had to take a glucose test and drink this orange drink that was very very sugary and then take a few tests to make sure all my levels are good and healthy! Turns out one of my results was a 115 and I needed to be under 130 so that means we can still enjoy sweets!! The doctor listened to your heartbeat and it was 144 and music to mine and mom’s ears!! The doctor also said you are 2.5 pounds, which is the same size as a camping lantern, cool huh!! As much I love that you are growing please stay little no rush to be a big girl    Since you love making my ankles disappear and think swollen legs are cute, I figured that was your way of telling me I needed to get a pedicure so your awesome mom got some good treats at Mocha Monkey and we went on a sister date to pamper our toes! As much as I loved getting my feet massaged I sure can't wait to have my ankles back!

    We also got to spend a morning hanging out with Papa John! He made us homemade waffles and bacon, lucky us! I got to look through a memory book filled with pictures of little Papa John and we listened to him tell stories about him growing up. If you ever want to be a swimmer ask him to teach you, he swam 50 miles in two days when he was 8! He also taught me his "secret" homemade pizza recipe and made me do it all by myself, and even though he watched me and told me step by step, his tastes way way way better then mine ever will, so ask him to make his pizza, you'll love it!

    You are quite the active little mover young lady and I love it! Even if you think it's fun to kick my bladder, go crazy when I drink juice or lay down for bed and think it's time have a party, just know it is one of my favorite things while I get to extreme babysit you! Feeling and watching you move all around makes me one happy auntie!! This week Auntie Shelbs’ best friend Ashley got to feel your little kicks and was so in love she wishes she was pregnant again! So let's cross our fingers for her!! I want you to always know your mommy would have loved to share these feelings with you and have daddy be able to feel all your little kicks too, so even if they can't feel them all right now I know they would have loved all your movements as much as me! So you have my permission to step on their bladders, go crazy when I give you sugar and throw some all nighters!!

    We had a great busy week 27, so thanks for being such an easy going, laid back little lady who stole my ankles! I'll miss dragging you around on all my adventures, so be prepared to have lots of play dates with your Auntie Shelb!

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