Week 30: cantaloupe

This week was the week to check a few things off our list and we were back to BUSY!

It started off with the birth of Sawyer Fett- a little lady who is sure to be a good friend of yours! Her dad and your dad went to school together when they were little and they’ve remained friends ever since. Her mom and I are also good friends and talked a lot about trying to get pregnant and were so excited to learn we were expecting near each other. We met Sawyer on Friday and it made me so excited to meet you. Snuggling with her felt so natural – I can only imagine how right it will feel to hold you in my arms and swaddle you and rock you back and forth and gently hand you to your daddy for him to do the same.

Papa John came over for a quick visit and he got to peek at your room – thumbs up from him! We got to spend a few hours with him later in the week when he had knee surgery. At Christmas time he had surgery on his other knee and now this one. He’s getting ready to run after you and teach you how to be a softball catcher like he and your mommy were! He’s a great sports coach, he coached me for many years and taught me many things about working hard, not giving up and never once handed me a win; he always made me earn them! He is going to be such a wonderful grandpa! We even got a infant life jacket for you for his boat. He and Sue are going to take us out this summer – the ice even came off Lake Minnetonka this week!

Dad and Papa Radde worked hard for many hours on Saturday to build shelves for your room. Mom had an idea in her mind that she needed you to have floating shelves in your room. So they looked at plans and Dad was a good assistant and they got them done! The shelves look great and they did a good job. It was fun to have everyone here at our house working on stuff for you. It was also pretty cool they got to use Papa Anderson’s wood working equipment to make the shelves. We painted them and they’re hung above the rocking chair. It looks great!

Grammie D and I went to a church garage sale and found clothes for you as you grow. You are all set for clothes for a long time. I have loved shopping for you; it’s a good way for me to prepare for you and to feel like I am doing something for you. Right now I can’t do things like other expecting moms can – they feel you move inside of them, they watch and feel their bodies change and have people walk up to them and know they will soon be moms. For me I can act like a mom-to-be by shopping for you and choosing how you will be dressed and calling you my daughter. It feels good. I don’t really have an example to follow so I’m learning as I go and doing my best for you.

Your Dad and I talk often about how we want to raise you, what we want to establish as traditions in your life, where we want to take you and what we want to enroll you in. We want to raise a smart, even-keeled, fun girl who knows she is loved by so many people and who also loves the Lord. We are anticipating a variety of interests and activities for you to love and look forward to guiding you in all the ways we know how – with patience and love. You are a special little girl who has an amazing path ahead of you. Happy 30 weeks, Small Fry!

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