Week 33: romaine lettuce

This week was busy and very emotional.

We started it out by seeing you on an ultrasound – you’re still as cute as can be! We found out you have a lot of hair and got to see it on the scan. Now we are wondering if it’s light or dark, curly or straight, or maybe even red. The tech also guessed you were about 4 pounds 8 ounces, which makes you in the 41 percentile; just a petite thing. There is a lot of talk about how accurate those estimates are so we will have to see when you come. We also looked at your kidneys – which are still a little dilated. So we will do an ultrasound on them when you are a few weeks old and see how they are.  It’s interesting because we know so much but also have so much to still wonder. We will start going to the doctor weekly at 34 weeks but have no more scans planned. Next time I see your face is when you make your debut on this side of auntie’s body!

On Friday I met with the Lactation Consultant at the hospital and got a pump to start collecting milk for you. She was so excited about this journey and was sweet and encouraging. One thing she said was to expect to see some output in a few weeks. When I noticed some milk on the edges of the flange on Sunday I was so happy there were some tears. It wasn’t much, but it wasn’t nothing. The LC kept saying “every drop is good.” I can’t believe it’s working. There still isn’t much to speak of but I am in awe and so proud that there is some milk being made by my body for you. She told me one of the biggest things is relaxing and thinking of you as I am pumping. So every two hours I am attached to the pump for about 20 minutes listening to classical music. I’ve gotten a lot of reading in during that time, mostly parenting books. It helps me visualize mothering you, feeding you and loving you. I love it. It is a lot of work to do this and I know it will pay off to have this bond with you in whatever capacity it happens. So far only one side is producing, the jury is still out on whether or not the other side will but we will see! Keep those little fingers crossed that it will and we will be in big business :)

I also spent a fair amount of time planning and prepping for a party for Shelbey. I wanted to throw her a party to thank her for being our extreme babysitter. I invited some of her closest friends to go to the Way Cool Cooking School and have a cupcake wars and then come back to our house for dinner and hanging out. It’s been fun making all the decorations and getting things ready. I’m excited to show off your room and let people see our house!

Two of your aunties, Shelbey and Isabele, and I got pedicures together. It was a fun treat to spend the afternoon with them AND get pampered!

The low this week was finding out a grade school and high school classmate had sunken into a depression and killed herself. She had served two tours in the Middle East for the US Army and suffered for many years with PTSD. Seeing the condolences pour onto her Facebook wall was such a shock and made me so sad. I knew how much she loved her family and to know her hurt was more than her love was really really sad. Thinking about her parents planning for her to be born how we are planning for you: choosing a name, baptizing her, thinking about what kind of parents they’ll be and just loving her so much. Then her life ending so abruptly at her own hand because she was so sick is just heart-wrenchingly sad. Lots of prayers for her family and friends!

This weekend starts the busy busyness of our life. We officially do not have an open weekend until November! We kicked it off with an extended family session on Saturday and following is Shelbey’s party, a shower/diaper keg party, maternity photos, a weekend away, waiting for you and baptisms and weddings galore! Such a fun summer. :) 

Love you little lady.

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