Week 34: papaya

This week has flown by! Which your dad and I LOVE J

Dad and I celebrated our 4 year dating anniversary by running errands. We like to remember and acknowledge days that are significant to us. We don’t do anything big but we do make sure to mention them. I’m sure we will do the same for you!

The party we had for Shelbey was so fun – it went great! People were excited to see you in her belly and ask me about how we are getting ready. We all had so much fun making cupcakes. We split into two teams and each got some candy. We had to make two kinds of cupcakes and they each had to have the candy in them. Mom’s team made (small) fries in catsup and a burger and they were pretty dang adorable! Auntie Shelbey’s team got pretty fancy; they made a s’more cupcake and a raspberry lemonade cupcake. It was a blast. Some of the partiers came back to our house to have tacos your dad made. She got some really generous gifts, people were so nice and so happy for us. I was thrilled to see people are excited to celebrate with and for us.

Before the party I went to my grade school friend’s funeral. It was so sad. Seeing her family as well as people I went to school with hurt made me very sad. I am glad I went and thankful for the opportunity to have formed relationships with those people. The funeral was in the church I attended growing up; it looks exactly the same. The banners are the same, the décor is the same even the organist is the same. We are planning to bring you to church and Sunday School and teaching you all about Jesus and hope you find comfort in growing up in the church.

On Sunday we visited with Gigi and your Great Great Grandma Alpha. It was so good to hear her stories and listen to her talk. She is excited to meet you. Dad and I shared dinner with Gigi, spending some individual time with her was nice!

All the invites for the showers out and it’s cool to see them all on the fridge next to your sonogram photos! It’s getting so real J

Out third baby class was this week and we got to talk about labor and meds to take during labor. We played a game where we used index cards to describe our ideal birth – the end of the game resulted in everyone wanting a healthy baby, of course. It was a good reminder that YOU are the end, no matter what happens having you and Shelbey healthy at the end is what matters most to everyone. Unmedicated, or all the meds, c-section or vaginal, episiotomy or none – the ideal birth is a safe labor ending in a healthy family.

My milk supply is getting better and better. The one side is still lagging so keep crossing those fingers it is going to get here before you J

We met with the lawyer who is going to help us make you legally ours. It will be a process and take some time but it’s totally worth it and not as complicated as I thought it might be. I am glad we will have it taken care of for us and we basically just have to show up.

This weekend is our first baby shower. I am so excited to see our friends and celebrate you with them! You are a special little baby and everyone is excited to meet you!!