Week 35: yellow honeydew

Dad here again! 

The weeks are flying by. Your Mom and Auntie Shelbey went to another appointment and everything looked and sounded good. They were told that if labor started doctors wouldn’t try to stop or delay it. We are getting very close to meeting you and snuggling and loving you. As Forest Gump would say its very exciting times!

The day after the appointment we got to see many of our friends and family at a combined shower/diaper keg thrown by Auntie Shelbey and Uncle Kohlton. We felt so much love and excitement for you as we were able to celebrate with so many great people and received so many wonderful gifts and on top of that almost 3,000 diapers! The afternoon and evening were filled with fun, games and socializing. I was even able to soak up some great advice from some other friends who also happen to be fathers.

Your Mom has been taking meds to induce lactation so that she will be able to feed you and it has been going well with more milk being produced every day. It is truly amazing that she will be able to breastfeed you and she is working hard pumping every couple hours to get a solid milk supply built up. She woke up several mornings this week to find she had leaked on the sheets.

Tuesday night we had our final birth prep class I think we all felt like we learned some important info and we really enjoyed our instructor and felt like she is very excited to follow our journey. We will keep her posted through Facebook so she can see you when you make your entrance!

Your Mom had an engagement shoot for a wedding client and was happy that they decided to come to her as they live a few hours north of the cities. She did a great job like she always does and is getting primed for her busy wedding season. You and I will have many weekends to bond in the next six months as your Mom shoots 18 or more weddings in that span. She is a busy lady.

We also received our taxes back from our accountant and were pleasantly surprised to hear we are getting a refund. This was a big surprise with your Mom being a small business owner and typically having to pay in. We will take it and hope that it is a trend that will continue.

For many of us it was a sad week as a Minnesota icon, Prince, passed away this week in his Paisley Park compound a few short miles from our home. Mom and I were happy to hear that the compound will be turned into a museum and we will be able to take you there one day.

Mom and Auntie Shelbey did their weekly bump pics and you are the size of a yellow honeydew this week. The photos look great and your Auntie looks great too.

Alright Small Fry I am going to wrap it up. See you soon! I think your Mom will probably take over again from here as she is the true talent in the family when it comes to writing, photography, looks, art…let’s just say I will take care of the math, cooking and garbage.