Week 40: beach ball

OK, it’s not cute anymore. Come out already-haha! You’re comfy in there, I get it. We have lots of comfy things out here, too, I promise!

All kidding aside we did check on you early this week to see how everything was going. Last Friday Aunt Shelbey’s blood pressure was a little high so they wanted us to come in on Tuesday to get it all checked out. On Tuesday her BP was healthy and you passed a non-stress test and we made sure you have plenty of fluid to be in. So that was all good news. We had kinda hoped they would let us go to the hospital for an induction but since everything was good we were told to wait. 

I also got to shoot my May 21 wedding, which I need to thank you for. I love my job and my couples and weddings. It was a really good day. Even Auntie Shelbey came; the bride is a friend of hers from beauty school. Everyone was glad everyone got to be there and capture and celebrate the day. There was a lull in the day so I took Shelb out to an open field to get a silhouette photos, I love them and am glad we had that opportunity. I am so excited for this summer and fall and all my couples.

While I was shooting the wedding dad was fishing with Uncle Kohl on his boat. They went on Lake Waconia and caught a few. Mostly it was a time for them to hang out, be outside and do guy stuff. Dad was prepared and slathered on the sunscreen. Kohlie on the other hand, not so much; he got fried. Gotta watch out for that sun.

Dad’s been recovering pretty well from his wisdom teeth surgery. No big complications, just sore and limitations on eating. Overall, it was a success and I am glad he got it done and it is not in pain from the broken tooth.

Auntie Isabele had a dance recital. We had to miss is because of the wedding but I was able to go see her dress rehearsal. It's really great to watch her grow as a dancer. It made me wonder what you'll be into and if we will spend hours upon hours at recitals and be so proud of you for those few minutes you're on stage. Whatever you want to do and whatever you like we will support you. We will enroll you in all sorts of things so you can find what you like best! Don't be afraid to try things! On the way home we got to see some beautiful peacocks in Mayer - it was awesome. 

We had a little fun with your bumpdate photo this week. We decided to go with a beach ball! It has a 20 inch diameter, which is quite possibly how long you will be, but it looks HUGE compared to the belly. Even uncle Kohlton had fun with the beach ball. We will play with it this summer in the pool. I’m not sure how into it you’ll be but eventually you’ll like to play!

Other than that we are just waiting. It’s nice to know there is an end in sight. So unbelievably excited to meet you, Small Fry!