Week 36: celery

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week 36: celery


This week worked out where we had two appointments to check on you - nothing is wrong, just the timing of everyone's schedules. In fact things are great! Each time you had a strong heartbeat, which we all love hearing. Auntie has been having some Braxton Hicks contractions and her body is prepping for labor. We all kicked "prep" into high gear.

You know me, I am a planner. I've had a "pre-Small Fry" to-do list for a while and now dad and I are working away to get that list done. 

We had maternity photos with one of my photographer friends, Melissa Jopp. I am so thrilled to have friends who like to trade services, we know how much we all value photos or videos and it feels good to appreciate it as a community. Doing the photos was fun. We are so excited to see all of them and how they turned out. We did get a sneak peek and they really capture the joy of this journey. I lined up another friend to take some newborn photos for me and I'll do a session for her, too, when she needs one. You will be one super photographed babe. 

On Sunday Auntie Isabele had her first communion, which means she is now ready to take confirmation classes and continue on her faith journey. Dad and I love to talk about how we plan to bring you to church and Sunday School and your faith journey. As Isabele's God parent I like to make sure she knows about Jesus and answer questions she has. I am excited for your god parents to do that, for you. (Dad and I will obviously be very involved, too!) 

Dad took off for a night to go hang out with a friend he thinks of like a brother for the NFL Football draft. They had a fun night watching and talking all things football. I stayed home as I didn't want to risk missing any labor that may have started. I took that time to craft a little canvas for your room. I missed your dad while he was gone but can appreciate our time apart, too. We are going to get lots of opportunities to individually spend time with you, I will be working most Saturdays this summer at weddings, which I LOVE doing, and am confident you and dad will have fun together while I'm gone. He's going to be such a great dad to you :)

Grammy D has been working her tail off getting things sewn for you. Sheets, pillows and changing pad covers. Its awesome. Everything is just how I envisioned. I did try shopping in the stores and nothing was quite right so when we hit the jackpot and found the fabric I had been wanting she volunteered to make it for us. Your room is a one of a kind and I know you will love it. I can't wait to show it to you. She is also making sheets for your bassinet; I can't really call it yours. It's been in our family since 1942 with your great great uncle Barrie, and many of your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins all the way down the line have slept in this adorable white wicker bassinet and SOON it will be your turn. I love seeing it in our room and dreaming of you being in it.

Getting so close!