Week 37: bok choy

Week 37- bok choy

Another week has gone by and I’m still writing to you while you’re inside auntie’s belly! Soon I’ll get to tell you face to face how much I love you and am excited for you.

This week we went to a Twin’s baseball game with friends. It made me more excited to bring you there; we have an outfit chosen for your first game and hope you’ll like being outside and watching baseball games as much as we do. We did see a few babies there!

Dad took Mom on a date for burger night. We put our phones away and chatted the whole time – it was awesome to have all his attention and give him all of mine. Most of the time we talked about you and life with you. A lot was fun stuff. Some was logistical – about him watching you while I was at shoots or me taking care of you while he was at work or taking turns waking in the night or holidays and vacations. We are going to love parenting you! We already have some decisions made for and about you and feel good about them.

I think one of the biggest things is knowing your name. Originally we had thought we would wait to decide until we saw you, but the more we talked about it the more we felt we had chosen the right one. Since before you were a thought we had a set of names we loved and thought you would be one of those. After we found out you were a girl I kept asking Dad if he liked names that were not on our list, One day I was on Facebook and read him every single female name I saw while I was scrolling through my feed; “how about Melanie,” “what about Becky,” do you like Georgia” and so on, for about 40 minutes while he was cooking. Not once did he waver from our list. I usually asked him at least one name a day. One day a few weeks ago I asked him one I had asked before but this time he said “yeah, I do like that, how would we spell it?” I was shocked, my plan of “making sure” was now throwing me through a loop. I loved the names we had loved for years but also loved this new one. So we sat on it a few days and I asked him while we were sitting around a fire at our house “If she was born right now, which name would you want to give her?” He replied with the new one, and to my own surprise I agreed! So we kept thinking about it and last week I was discussing it with him and just was honest; this name is so different from the others that we loved for years I was afraid it wouldn’t fit you. He said he didn’t have that fear and that he really liked it and said something I will share after we share your name when you’re born that really solidified it for me. I said “Ok, that’s her name.” And it is! It’s perfect.

This week Gigi came for a few hours to visit and Dad made us dinner. We showed her your room again and she got to see your playroom nook under the stairs. It was nice to sit and chat while she was in Minnesota.

I went over to Papa John and Grandma Sue’s house for a few hours this week to spend some time with him (Sue was working) and bring some toys over to their house for you to play with when you’re there. He was pretty excited about the toys – one was a little house with people and pets; I played with it when I was little so it will be fun to have you do the same. We also found quite a few rattles and other baby toys for you! He is excited to meet you and hope you come before he returns to work after having knee surgery.

Also in town for a few weeks are you great-grandparents MomMom and Papa! I LOVE when they are in town. They are so excited to meet you and liked seeing Auntie’s belly with you growing in it. Now that they’re here I am really ready for you to come anytime! (but maybe not on May 21 cause Mommy’s got a wedding she’s looking forward to shooting that day! I know your due date is May 20 but if you could do me a solid and not come either of those days that’d be great.)

This weekend we have our final two showers – looking forward to celebrating you at them! The trees are blooming at Grammy D’s and Papa Radde’s and it’s really pretty. They don’t stay long so come soon if you want to see them!