Our hopes and dreams for Maisy

I took a long time to think about this. 

Everything I thought of seemed too simple, too naive, too little. But the more I thought about it the more that notion seemed just right. 

I can't hope you're a famous ball player, or an executive in a business or a even small business owner living gig-to-gig. I can't dream you get into the college of your dreams or find the perfect husband or have 2.5 kids and live in a big beautiful house. I can't hope you love to read or travel or take photographs or hunt and be like your parents. It's not my hope to have. Those aren't my dreams to have for your life. They're yours to decide. This life is yours. 

So instead my hopes and dreams for you are this: I hope you're happy. I hope you're healthy. I dream we have a relationship of respect and adoration for each other. I dream you laugh and smile every day. I hope you see how much your dad and I love each other. I hope you find a path that brings you peace, contentment and joy. I dream you find your happiness early in life and if you don't that you never stop looking for it. I hope you come to me when you're sad or confused or scared and know there is nothing I wouldn't do to make you happy, clear minded or at ease. I dream you'll do something that makes you feel good. I hope you know how worthy you are of people's time, energy and love. I dream your life is one you can look back on with fond memories, warm fuzzies and remember how big bear hugs from your dad made you feel. 

But, most of all, the thing I dream and hope for you is for you to know and understand and feel how much we love you. How badly we wanted you. How you made us a family and gave us drive and purpose. I dream you can see our love for you every single day in little things and in big things. Because we do. I do. Your dad does. We love every thing that is you.