An engagement shoot in Minneapolis

KFF_5417-2_WEB.jpg Meet Lee and AleSha. They're getting married next September in northern Minnesota. Currently, they live in sunny California but used to live in Minneapolis in the Mill City District - the downtown side of the Stone Arch Bridge. Naturally this was the spot they chose for their engagement photos.

We met over drinks at Tuggs Tavern to go over wedding packages and the vision they had for their wedding. After deciding to book we took advantage of the fact that they were in the midwest and opportunity to shoot their engagement photos as long as they were in Minnesota and did them that night. I joked that I would have happily would have taken them in San Francisco and spent some time out there but I think this was easiest! Ha!

I loved hearing about their wedding plans and the nature theme they'll be going with. I could not be more excited to head up to northern Minneota in the fall to capture this wedding. These two have had so many adventures together already traveling around the country I am sure their wedding, as well as their marriage, will be a beautiful reflection of their relationship. Can't wait!

AleSha-Lee engagement 2015 -19_WEB.jpg

AleSha-Lee engagement 2015 -45_WEB.jpg

AleSha-Lee engagement 2015 -15_WEB.jpg


Annual R family photos in Eagan, MN

Remington family 2015 -57-Edit_WEB.jpg This family is one of my "frequent fliers." I've been taking their photos for about four years or so and it's been so fun to watch them grow. For the past few years I've been making a trek to their beautiful home and neighborhood in Eagan. You may recall a video I took of these guys last summer, it's here on YouTube.

I adore how Katie chose to dress them - the teal/mint and tan and white dresses from Old Navymade sure the kids were the focus. How cute are these kids? They're just so adorable and the weather looked a little gloomy when we got there but it held off and made for PERFECT photos.

Remington family 2015 -22_WEB.jpg Remington family 2015 -46_WEB.jpg Remington family 2015 -76_WEB.jpg

We walked around their neighborhood and found spots to take some portraits. I love how the kids have parts of the community they love and had ideas for photos. Some of my fvorite photos were from a spot Kyle chose - full of tall grasses and yellow flowers. It was perfect!

Remington family 2015 -161_WEB.jpg I think the photos of the girls with their mom and Kyle with his dad are my favorites from this session. The love these kids exude when snuggled in with their parents makes me so happy!

Remington family 2015 -217_WEB.jpg

When Katie told me the last professional photo they had as a family was one I took when 4-year-old Evy was a baby I knew that was a high priority for this shoot. We used their home as a backdrop for one of the family shots. I've done that a few other times and I think it's a great tool for thie kids to later recall memories from that home. I look back at photos from when I was younger and am amazed at how much the landsacape has changed, or certain toys or seasonal decor we had out triggers other memories.

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As I have blogged before about the importance of photos of parents together we made sure to take some of just "mom" and "dad" so the walls can feature their smiling faces, too! Chaska,Chaska photographer,Eagan,Eagan Minnesota,Eagan family photographer,Minnesota family photographer,Minnesota photographer,dad and son,family photos,home photos,mom and daughters,outdoor photos,photos at home,siblings,summer photos,

Evening photos in Chaska with the Graft Family

Graft family 2015 -361_WEB.jpg

Brittany had written on a Facebook page that she was looking for a local photographer to do some head shots for her massage thereapy business. We talked and she decided to book a family session where we would take some head shots in the Chaska home studio before heading outside for some family photos.

Graft family 2015 -16_WEB.jpg

Brittany and I spent time discussing outfits and I adore the ones they decided on - the navys and blues looked so simple and put together. I shared the Pinterest board I have created for family sessions and, I believe, it makes an impact. Graft family 2015 -141_WEB.jpg

After head shots we took a little drive over to one of my most favorite spots for open field family photos in Chaska. This particular day we were all blessed with a beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds. The grass couldn't have been greener. It was just breathtaking. My assistant Shelbey was so helpful with the shoot - she's great with little kids and making them smile. I also adored watching both mom and dad interact with their girls. Some of my favorite photos from the entire session is when we did photos of each of them with just the girls.

Graft family 2015 -297-Edit_WEB.jpg

Another thing I find a top priority in each of my family sessions is to really encourage moms and dads to take a photo or two together- just them. You are the leaders of your families, the reason your families exist. Get some professional photos of just the two of you that don't feature mom in a white dress. Years down the road you will be so happy to have a photo of just you and your honey.

Graft family 2015 -384_WEB.jpg

I have to admit as I was culling images from this session it was painful to to convert images to black and white. The colors from that night were just the colors you dream in. But, I adore the story the one black and white image tells. Graft family 2015 -60-Edit_WEB.jpg

6 month old studio session in Chaska

Emma 6 months -84-Edit-Edit_WEB.jpg

Little Emma is on a baby plan with Keighla's Fresh Face Photography.  She came when she was just about three months old for her first session and now she's here for her 6 month photo session! She has the cutest round little face and big blue eyes. So So So cute!!

Emma 6 months -240_WEB.jpg

One of the outfit options her mom brought was an adorable navy and white outfit. With America's birthday just around the corner I took advantage of the cute outfit to throw in some red and make it red, white and blue. Blue is a great color on Emma.

Emma 6 months -129_WEB.jpg

Emma and her mom came to the home studion in Chaska from Mayer for her photo session. I love setting up the room and getting it ready. It's a fun transformation each time to see it change from one session to the next. Many times I make banners or other coordinating props to help customize the photo session in the studio.

Emma 6 months -8_WEB.jpg

Gathered in Cologne for a family photo session


We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

Family photos 2015-317_WEB.jpg This family has been planning this session for months and it worked out that everyone could be in Cologne to have the family portraits taken. The family coordinated outfits by color for each individual family and it turned out great. I love sharing my Pinterest board for outfit inspiration as the client prepares for their session.

Family photos 2015-327-Edit_WEB.jpg As evident in the photos the day was a just gorgeous Carver County June day. The skies could not have been more blue and the grass geener. The sun was a bit harsh and hot, but everyone, even the little kids, were so cooperative and excited to do photos.

Family photos 2015-130_WEB.jpg

Family photos 2015-73_WEB.jpg Growing up one of my most favorite memories was spending time with my grandparents. I love that this family made it a priority to get professional photos with them. Making memories as a family will last a lifetime.

Family photos 2015-46e_WEB.jpg Part of the session also focused on each individual family so they could have new portraits as well. It was a great way to get updated photos that will coordinate for a wall gallery in everyone's homes. This blog has helped me create gallery walls in my own home - I think they're a great, modern way to display photos and art as well as bring a room together!

Family photos 2015-7-Edit_WEB.jpg Family photos 2015-300_WEB.jpg

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A new KFFP Nikon member

Yesterday I waited around at our Chaska studio for the FedEx delivery guy to my new full frame Nikon camera. And it came! Welcome to Keighla's Fresh Face Photography little missy, we are so happy to have you! What with your 24.3 megapixels and 24-85mm 3.5 lens and MB-D14 extra battery pack you're the star of this show right now. However, I've got a wedding to second shoot in Bloomington on Saturday so we've got some familiarizing to do. That's right, I'll be helping out with a Twin Cities wedding on my birthday (and our 18 month wedding anniversary). So to prep I spent the afternoon shuttering away.

KFF_1069_WEB.jpg We have started a little potted garden in front of our townhome and I could take photos of this fuschia plant all day long. Such a beauty.

KFF_1109_WEB.jpg The birhday boy is only willing for so long to be the camera test subject. But my oh my is he cute - even when he's being a goof.

KFF_1115_WEB.jpg KFF_1126_WEB.jpg Some window light with a decent ISO and some tv glow at a higher ISO (along with a little noise reduction in post.)

KFF_1092_WEB.jpg I love the way it captured the texture on the iPad cover and the couch arm. Also, the Truvia in my Cheerios with bananas.

I am excited to see where we go from here!

Hilary and Natalie: back in Minnesota!

"Though miles may lie between us we are never far apart, for friendship doesn't count miles it measures by the heart."

Hilary met my mom about 10 years ago when they were in an early childhood education class in Waconia together. Since then they have become and stayed close friends. Even when Hilary's family had to leave the Carver County area and move to Texas for her husband's job our families stayed connected.

This May, just in time for my in-home studio Mommy and Me Mini sessions, Hilary and her middle child Natalie were in Chaska. They've been relocated back to the tundra state and were checking out local schools and squeezed in a mini session! How adorable are they in lime green. I can't wait to start to photograph this family (including her husband and other two kiddos) when they move back this year. Natalie took direction so well and loved being in front of the camera and Hilary was easy to work with - it was a fun mini session!

mommy and me minis-692_WEB.jpg  Seriously those bright, cheerful, coordinating colors make me so happy! mommy and me minis-700_WEB.jpg  How sweet is she - child photographs - that are not school photos - allow so much more personality to show through! mommy and me minis-705_WEB.jpg mommy and me minis-709_WEB.jpg  I love how natural they look snuggled up together. mommy and me minis-712_WEB.jpg mommy and me minis-723_WEB.jpg  I'm curious to see how tall little lady is back to back with her mom in a few years! Then it will be time for follow-up photos! [contact-form][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Website' type='url'/][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea' required='1'/][/contact-form]

The M family: Mommy and Me

This year I had Mommy and Me mini sessions and loved watching all the moms and their children. We had a cute little set up in our home studio in Chaska. We also set up a little spot outside so we could get indoor and outdoor photos. This session was special to me as momma and I played basketball in Waconia together when we were in middle school. We recently reconnected and it's been fun being a part of this family's life again. I love getting the opportunity to photograph the genuine interaction of parents and their children - child photography is so important. Capturing them when they're little is so important! 2015-06-09_0001.jpg 2015-06-09_0002.jpg 2015-06-09_0003.jpg 2015-06-09_0004.jpg 2015-06-09_0005.jpg 2015-06-09_0006.jpg