Gale Mansion wedding video

Carmella and Andy have been in my life for a few years. They went to the same university as I did and Carmella also majored in journalism. She had an assignment to interview a journalist and ask them what their life was like; the class got a list of options and the people's occupations. Because she also shares a passion for photography she chose to interview me. From there our friendship has blossomed. 

A few years ago I shot their engagement photos and she asked me to shoot video at their wedding. I was happy to do so and loved that I got to be part of their day.

The wedding was at Gale Mansion in Minneapolis. Their day was a scorcher - over 90 degrees in September. The ceremony was held outdoors under beautiful blue skies on the steps of a mansion in the middle of the bustle of the city. It was chic and romantic. The bridesmaids wore hues of purple and carried bouquets made by the bride's aunts. The passion these two have for each other is evident when you listen to them talk about the other. When they kiss their whole beings absorb into one another. its a beautiful reminder of what marriage is about. Thank you, Hanlons, for letting me be a part of your day!