An open field senior session in Waconia, MN

Nicole: Waconia High School class of 2016. Waconia, MN senior photographer

This is Nicole. I've known her since she was tiny: her family was our neighbor in Waconia. When her mom called to schedule Nicole's senior photos I was super excited - it's fun to be part of this milestone.

Senior photos are right of passage. It's usually the last set of professional photos a person has before engagement or wedding photos. It is these photos that hang on parent's walls forever. These are the wallet-size photos friends exchange and keep in their childhood bedrooms and excitedly look back at in a few years when that same room is packed up as the occupant readies for their first adult apartment. These are the photos that are meant to capture the precipice that this phase of life is all about: discovering priorities and making decisions on what you'll be doing next as an independent adult.

Many times, for me as a photographer, it's about capturing personalities, interests, passion and, of course, fashion. That is one of the best things about senior photos: the clothing, accessories and scenery. When all three are packaged together it encapsulates who the senior is right now; what they value and what is cool in addition to what they look like.  

For Nicole, we are splitting her Experience in two parts. This was the "green" session: open fields, tall grasses, county, bow and arrow type of stuff. We actually used the field at my mom's home in Cologne, MN for part of the session (it's the scene for some of my mini sessions, if any of you recognize it!) as well as one of my favorite fields to shoot at in Waconia.  For the next portion we will head into Minneapolis and do a more urban set.