Golden hour senior session in Chaska

Holy moly this session made me simultaneously feel old and cool. Full disclosure: this beauty is my cousin. She started her senior year of high school today. 

I honestly remember visiting her in the hospital when she was born. It was the complete opposite of the day of this session. She was born in January; my mom and I went to the hospital to see her. It was cold and dark and snowy. But she was a cute baby. 

The weekend of her session was HOT. Like over 90 degrees, sweat-dripping-down-your-back, hair-frizzing-humid hot. Luckily on my side of the lens I can wear my hair up in a top knot and the mascara can be wiped off five seconds after getting outside. But Miss Allie was much more composed than I was and didn't sweat the heat. She had spent the day at the Renaissance Festival with my family and then came over to my house in Chaska. She got all dolled up and we went to my favorite field and captured her beauty. We went during the golden hour so when I suggest that time for your session think of the beautiful light in these images!

I love how these turned out and love senior sessions!