Winter engagement in the evergreens in Norwood

Once you're through reading what I have to say scroll below and peek at their beautiful photos - but remember these two are not models - they're college kids! They could have fooled me. They're so adorable and sweet on each other and were a ton of fun to photograph.

We had a relatively warm day, probably in the upper 20s, and were pretty protected from winds in the evergreen grove where we shot most of their images. Both bride Ashley and I wanted to find some wintery trees to use as a backdrop. I asked peers and family if they knew of any spots. I had a few suggestions but none were really exactly what I was looking for. So I spent an afternoon driving around the county and stumbled on this little gem and it was perfect! We had talked about going into one of the little towns nearby and getting some more urban shots but on the day of the shoot decided to stay put. 

I am thrilled for their August wedding and can't wait to see them with their friends and families and celebrating together. Ashley and Kyle are going to have a great day!

Keighla AndersonComment