My sister is a MOM!

After seven years in the photography business I had a first- birth photography! I don't see Keighla's Fresh Face Photography venturing into birth photography, but for my sister I'll do anything.

Watching her become a mom, and my soon-to-be brother-in-law become a dad was one of the coolest things I've done as a photographer and sister. Only Eric knew the gender so the anticipation of this babe was high! We couldn't wait for little baby H to be born. I loved watching Shelbey and Eric together. Labor is tense and these two did great together. They're a great team and just added one more to their roster: Freyja Ardys! 

Shelbey was convinced she was having a boy - so so so sure she was carrying a boy. So sure that as soon as Freyja came out and the doctor was holding her towards Shelbey and Eric Shelbey said "It's a BO-A GIRL? It's a girl?!" Oh I could not be more happy that I was there with my camera to get her face and reaction. It was awesome, seriously so awesome. The room was filled with tears and cheers. Both my mom and I were pretty sure the baby was a girl so we were excited to be correct (and for our Maisy to have not only a cousin so close in age, but also of the same gender to grow up with.) 

The evening was an awesome celebration and taking turns snuggling on little Miss Freyja!