Evening photos in Chaska with the Graft Family

Graft family 2015 -361_WEB.jpg

Brittany had written on a Facebook page that she was looking for a local photographer to do some head shots for her massage thereapy business. We talked and she decided to book a family session where we would take some head shots in the Chaska home studio before heading outside for some family photos.

Graft family 2015 -16_WEB.jpg

Brittany and I spent time discussing outfits and I adore the ones they decided on - the navys and blues looked so simple and put together. I shared the Pinterest board I have created for family sessions and, I believe, it makes an impact. Graft family 2015 -141_WEB.jpg

After head shots we took a little drive over to one of my most favorite spots for open field family photos in Chaska. This particular day we were all blessed with a beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds. The grass couldn't have been greener. It was just breathtaking. My assistant Shelbey was so helpful with the shoot - she's great with little kids and making them smile. I also adored watching both mom and dad interact with their girls. Some of my favorite photos from the entire session is when we did photos of each of them with just the girls.

Graft family 2015 -297-Edit_WEB.jpg

Another thing I find a top priority in each of my family sessions is to really encourage moms and dads to take a photo or two together- just them. You are the leaders of your families, the reason your families exist. Get some professional photos of just the two of you that don't feature mom in a white dress. Years down the road you will be so happy to have a photo of just you and your honey.

Graft family 2015 -384_WEB.jpg

I have to admit as I was culling images from this session it was painful to to convert images to black and white. The colors from that night were just the colors you dream in. But, I adore the story the one black and white image tells. Graft family 2015 -60-Edit_WEB.jpg