Gathered in Cologne for a family photo session


We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

Family photos 2015-317_WEB.jpg This family has been planning this session for months and it worked out that everyone could be in Cologne to have the family portraits taken. The family coordinated outfits by color for each individual family and it turned out great. I love sharing my Pinterest board for outfit inspiration as the client prepares for their session.

Family photos 2015-327-Edit_WEB.jpg As evident in the photos the day was a just gorgeous Carver County June day. The skies could not have been more blue and the grass geener. The sun was a bit harsh and hot, but everyone, even the little kids, were so cooperative and excited to do photos.

Family photos 2015-130_WEB.jpg

Family photos 2015-73_WEB.jpg Growing up one of my most favorite memories was spending time with my grandparents. I love that this family made it a priority to get professional photos with them. Making memories as a family will last a lifetime.

Family photos 2015-46e_WEB.jpg Part of the session also focused on each individual family so they could have new portraits as well. It was a great way to get updated photos that will coordinate for a wall gallery in everyone's homes. This blog has helped me create gallery walls in my own home - I think they're a great, modern way to display photos and art as well as bring a room together!

Family photos 2015-7-Edit_WEB.jpg Family photos 2015-300_WEB.jpg

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A new KFFP Nikon member

Yesterday I waited around at our Chaska studio for the FedEx delivery guy to my new full frame Nikon camera. And it came! Welcome to Keighla's Fresh Face Photography little missy, we are so happy to have you! What with your 24.3 megapixels and 24-85mm 3.5 lens and MB-D14 extra battery pack you're the star of this show right now. However, I've got a wedding to second shoot in Bloomington on Saturday so we've got some familiarizing to do. That's right, I'll be helping out with a Twin Cities wedding on my birthday (and our 18 month wedding anniversary). So to prep I spent the afternoon shuttering away.

KFF_1069_WEB.jpg We have started a little potted garden in front of our townhome and I could take photos of this fuschia plant all day long. Such a beauty.

KFF_1109_WEB.jpg The birhday boy is only willing for so long to be the camera test subject. But my oh my is he cute - even when he's being a goof.

KFF_1115_WEB.jpg KFF_1126_WEB.jpg Some window light with a decent ISO and some tv glow at a higher ISO (along with a little noise reduction in post.)

KFF_1092_WEB.jpg I love the way it captured the texture on the iPad cover and the couch arm. Also, the Truvia in my Cheerios with bananas.

I am excited to see where we go from here!