Sarah and Cameron wed in Rice, MN

Sarah and Cameron had a beautiful wedding in Rice, MN on May 21, 2016. 

They started their day with Sarah getting ready at Cameron's parents' home and Cameron was down the dirt road at his childhood friend/best man's home. Both homes were where they had engagement photos done - it was great to be back on their wedding day! Seeing Sarah be a calm bride amongst all her bridesmaids and other women was a lot of fun; it was obvious she was ready to marry her very best friend in just a few hours. 

We took wedding party and family photos at the church – it was nice to have everything and everyone in one spot to capture photos of their day. As a couple one ofthe things they love is cars, so naturally they wanted portraits with their red Ford Mustang. It was also in engagement photos so it was awesome to recreate some of the same poses in their wedding threads.

Sarah and Cameron wrote letters to each other and exchanged them inside the church before their first look. The Catholic church was beautiful with tons of interesting details-it was a great place for them to exchange vows in front of their guests.

Their wedding reception was at a quaint hall where they decked it out in lavender and turquoise accents with lots of rustic touches: daisies, burlap, wood slabs, and twinkle lights. One of the sweetest things was the wedding favors: they made homemade jams and canned them for their guests. It was a super adorable touch that showed how much they cared about their loved ones.

I got to take the bride and groom outside for some portraits at sunset. Some of my favorite shots of the entire day are from that quick break. They got a chance to just be together and enjoy some quiet time as husband and wife!