Waconia winter minis

2017 winter mini-23.jpg

I decided to have some last minute winter mini sessions this year. A client asked if it would look cute to use a vintage camper, or glamper if you will, for their sessions with their daughter and it was just too cute. So they let me borrow the camper and use it for minis. I have to say these sessions in the freezing cold with lots of wind were some of the most fun sessions I've had in a long time! We all just decided to embrace the cold, cuddle up together to stay warm and have fun. I will be incorporating some new things into sessions with clients, focusing more on playing rather than posing and I decided these sessions would be great practice of that change.

Doesn't everyone look like they are having a blast?!? It's because they are! We used some of the land at my mom's house just outside of Waconia to do these minis and it was the perfect setting for these vintage camper mini sessions.