Spring wedding at Oak Ridge in Chaska

Opening this KFFP 2017 wedding season were Danielle and Wayde with their March 31 wedding in Chaska. They had an intimate wedding at Oak Ridge Conference Center with about 50 of their closest friends and family.

My day with them started with a first look. Danielle looked beautiful in her V-neck ivory gown with chiffon-twisted shoulder detail and lace appliqu├ęs on the fit and flair silhouette. She wore her hair partially up and adorned a bird cage veil. Her drop silver earrings sparkled in the bright sun as she walked to her back-turned groom as he waited to see his bride. She took a few steps before she said "Hi, Honey. You can turn around" and Wayde turned and laid his eyes on his soon-to-be wife. He told her how pretty she looked as he walked to hug her. 

We took family portraits inside the conference center where they would get married. They each had two attendants, Danielle had her sister and Wayde's daughter standing next to her while Wayde had a long-time friend and his son with him. The bridesmaids ordered their gowns from tjmaxx.com and they were the perfect amount of rose gold sparkle - I was OBSESSED with those floor-length gowns. I loved the modern clean lines throughout the sequences on the dresses. The back was open minus a small amount of fabric surrounded with a circle of jewels. Gorgeous! Them men wore black suits and champagne neck ties. 

The flowers were soft ivory and green bouquets from Carver Flowers. I loved the charm Danielle added to her bouquet - it featured a photo of her smiling grandma who passed away a few days prior to the wedding. It was a beautiful way to keep her close and part of the day. 

When it was time for the ceremony to start the giant fireplace was turned on and a pastor friend of theirs started the event by walking up the aisle to the modern space with lots of light and geometric featured. Wayde walked in the parents before his children then escorted him followed by the best man and maid of honor. Then it was time for Danielle to walk herself down the aisle and it was time for the couple, who met at Mt. Olivet, to exchange vows and rings. They lit a unity candle and sealed the deal with a kiss!  

Meanwhile the crew at Oak Ridge prepped the reception space downstairs, Seasons Restaurant. With the decor from Festivities the space transformed into a bright space for a wedding reception. The light wood chairs featured champagne-colored bows and nestled under tables with bright white table cloths. The centerpieces were an elegant mix of tall stemmed candle holders where floating candles burned. Those towered over white flowers and a table filled with glasses and white plates. The space was draped in white fabric and white lights. The back wall in the space is a giant window which let it so much light and showcased the beautiful blue sky. The whole space was very elegant and beautiful. 

The guests enjoyed a cocktail hour and eventually took their seats for dinner. The bride's father started the meal with a prayer and from there the DJ from Instant Request took over. Guests would clink their glasses during dinner for the bride and groom to kiss, but the DJ only let that tradition slide once. After the first time in order to get the newlyweds to smooch they would have to sing a love song. The whole this was adorable and fun. My time with them wrapped up as dinner began but I am sure the rest of the night was a very fun party filled with dancing and all sorts of celebratory shenanigans! 

Congrats to the happy couple!