Jopp family lifestyle video in Norwood

Melissa Jopp is a fellow Carver County Photographer. We actually went to the same high school and recently reconnected through a Carver County Photographer's Group - along with a bunch of other local photogs (networking is so fun!) 

The Jopp family wanted to capture their life as a family as it is right now, so we went to Melissa's parents' home and let them play. We were blessed with a beautiful late summer evening in Carver County!

She asked me to a lifestyle video of her family. We brainstormed location ideas and decided on using something near and dear to their hearts - where she grew up. Her parents still live in the house she grew up in out in Norwood Young America so we took advantage of the green grasses and tall trees and open fields. It was the most beautiful night we had had in a few weeks. Absolutely beautiful.

The weather, as well as the obvious love between the family members, made my song choice for this video easier - It's a Beautiful Life by Steve Collom