My first blog

Paul and Keighla-237

Hello! I think an introduction is in order!

I'm Keighla, (yes, the Keighla in Keighla's Fresh Face Photography) your behind-the-lens specialist. Professionally, I have a background in print journalism and portrait photography. I run Keighla’s Fresh Face Photography and fill my schedule with adorable babies, kids, high school seniors and families. I started the company four years ago and am enjoying the journey. Prior to my life as a shutterbug I spent my time filling notepads and straining my eyes at a computer screen writing stories for a community newspaper. The Minnesota Newspaper Association nominated me as a candidate for The New Reporter of the Year award (I didn’t win); but I did win an award for a series of investigative pieces about inconsistencies in blood-alcohol content recording. That was fun. I currently nanny for three little kids full-time (they're all under 3, so I'm BUSY!) Lastly, I am the marketing director for an auction company called Corporate Auction Group.

Personally, I am a newlywed (aww). I married my honey in a beautiful Minnesota winter wedding – read: it was “chilly” -- and we are settling in to a rambunctious life together filled with crosswords, books and listening to each other ramble about hunting and Pinterest. I enjoy driving him crazy with big ideas of new color schemes to decorate our home (and then going with the tried and true comfortable ones.) Color, texture and shape are all exciting and I love bringing them into my art.
My hope is to use this blog as another way to reach clients and show off galleries I know families are anxious to see. Be sure to follow me on other social media platforms for other sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes looks, and promotions.