Week 5: sesame seed

September 23, 2015

You’re just a tiny little thing, about the size of a sesame seed.

We are all unsure what to think. Your dad and I have never been in this position, we only saw negative after negative. Are we really going to be parents? When do we tell people? The only people who know are the three of us and Grammie D.

Today we are going to a funeral for Grandma Bergman. She was Gigi’s mom and a very sweet lady – I wish you could have met her and known her. If we were feeling safe and secure with Auntie’s pregnancy it would be so special to tell the Anderson side of the family about you. To tell them Judy knows about the pregnancy before they do and she is watching over everyone, including you, Small Fry. We know they’ll be excited to learn about you. So will your grandpa and grandma Schmidt. We are all wondering if they’ll pick names for themselves and what they’ll be. Growing up I had MomMom and PaPa and Nana and Papa. It’s fun to have special unique names.

Speaking of names, you got your nickname this week. Shelbey has been so hungry for fries and hamburgers. We went back and forth between Baby Burger and Small Fry but decided on Small Fry when she would crave fries and other potatoes. She was also hungry for pasta – none of these foods are ones she really cares for. But a name for when you're born - that's a secret. We don't plan to find out if you're a girl or a boy until you're born so Small Fry is what you will be. Mom and Dad have had some names that we have liked for a long time, hoping to someday get to use them for our children, so we are feeling prepared but don't want to tell everyone what they are. :) 

Today we took the first “bumpdate” photo. The three of us had planned to go a Twins game so Auntie had on a tank top that said “Twins” we apprehensively joked, “did we just jinx ourselves and they are twins in there?!” I’m not sure what we would all do if there were twins on the way! Time will tell and we will found out if we will have both a Baby Burger and a Small Fry. 

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