Week 6: blueberry

September 25, 2015

As big as a blueberry! That was quite the spurt, Small Fry! This week was a busy one for your mommy and it was so hard to not blurt out "our baby is coming!"

We visited some friends and had three fun photo sessions this weekend - we even visited Red Wing again and worked so hard to keep our lips sealed to not spill the beans. Another thing that was a big deal for us as parents was to start getting things ready for you. As sweet as you will no doubt be, you will also be messy and make messes - and that's OK. So we decided to get a small washer and dryer for our little home to help keep you, and us, clean. There is a neighbor of ours with two little ones and as mommy works she can see the neighbor walking back and forth to the laundry center in our townhouse development doing three loads of laundry nearly every day. Yeah, your mom and dad don't want to do that. So we spent time making sure it was all just right and getting everything set up in the right spot.

This week your bump date photos were taken in the middle of the day where mommy and Shelbey could not find shade so the photos are shadowy and squinty- but we are both so busy. Shelbey needed mommy to take photos of her and her nanny kids so we made it all work at the same time. I can't even grasp yet that you are coming and already as large as a blue berry. It's a fun thing to think about and crazy to think in just a few months you'll be as big as a baby and I'll get to snuggle on you! Can't wait, sweet thing!

Keighla AndersonComment