Week 7: raspberry

October 2, 2015

Happy 12th birthday to Auntie Isabele and 7 weeks to you, Small Fry. She has been so curious about becoming an aunt and asking Grammie D about becoming and aunt and having a niece or nephew to babysit. Little does she know- you're on the way! 

Also, you went on your first vacation - right now you're in Florida and making Auntie Shelbey a little queasy. Ginger ale and crackers have been requested. She's even taken some "preggie pops" while on a fishing boat ride. Take it easy on her! She's doing us a huge favor.

This week was another busy photo week for mom. this week she has a wedding video, two family photo shoots, a senior session and a newborn session! I love being able to capture other families and their milestones and thinking about how someday, not too far away, I will get to make you the most photographed baby! I wonder who you will look like and if you will get any of the traits Auntie Shelbey and I share. 

Keighla AndersonComment