Week 8: wild strawberry

October 9, 2015

We weren't sure we'd find a "wild strawberry" that would be the right size but California came to our rescue. That's right, Small Fry, we took you on a vacation to the other coast - California! We had planned this vacation for Mom, Dad and Shelbey in the spring and it just worked out that we got to "bring" you, too. 

While we were driving to Yosemite we saw a roadside stand for freshly-picked strawberries. I made Dad turn around so we could get some fruit to represent your growth and take some photos inside the park. It was perfect! 

During our trip to Yosemite we found a book made just for babies about baby animals inside the national park, so we bought you your first book and took some photos with that four our bump date, too. It's really fun to watch your growth each week and know you're getting stronger, bigger and staying healthy inside Auntie Shelbey's tummy. Keep growing little one, we are excited to meet you but want you to stay in there and just grow big and strong. (Auntie says, bit not too big.)

Keighla AndersonComment