Week 13: jalepeno

It just so happens 13 is your daddy's and my favorite number. And you are 13 gestational weeks and it's is Friday, November 13! We got married on a Friday the thirteenth so we decided to tell the world you're coming today! 

Thirteen weeks is, statistically, when pregnancies become much less likely to miscarry so we are confident and comfortable sharing the news about you!

Here is what your Mommy wrote on Facebook: 

When Paul and I got married on Friday the 13th we promised to love each other through good times and bad, in sickness and in health and to create a Christian family. Our marriage has upheld those vows in the depths infertility and come out on top.
God knows what's best and while he said "not now" in response to our prayers to allow me to be pregnant he did answer "yes" to our prayers pleading to become parents! I am going to be a mom and my husband will be a dad!! My sister Shelbey graciously offered to carry our baby! Today, Friday the 13th, she is 13 weeks pregnant and due in May! We cannot find words to explain how excited, grateful, anxious, blessed, humbled and in awe we all feel. My sister has been one of my very best friends and going through this together is something I wish I could find words to represent not only my thankfulness towards her but also this journey all three of us are on together. We know people have been sending prayers and positive thoughts our way for a while and we will lovingly take any more anyone wants to give us!
God is good. God is love.

e had such an amazingly positive response from people. It was a relief. Mommy was afraid to share our story. Not because I'm embarrassed or ashamed of you, but because talking about having trouble conceiving a baby is something people keep private. I don't really know why, but it's the truth. I was afraid people would judge us, or worse, you. I didn't want people to think negatively of you or that you were some "weird test tube babe", or I'm not totally sure what my big fears were but they were real. I just wanted to protect you from anything bad anyone could even start to think about you. I decided it was best  to be honest and say we had a hard time with infertility. It's not something we did wrong to be dealt this hand or something to be ashamed of - so many people face similar struggles and knowing you're not alone in that hardship means a lot. A friend of mine said she had troubles and other women reached out to me after we posted the news and it's nice to know people who have the same hurts we do. So thank you, Small Fry, for bring people closer to me and helping me to feel less isolated. 

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