Week 19: zucchini

Well, you've managed to surprise me! You're a little lady! I'm sure you're like "well, duh, Mom," but I really thought you were a boy. I am so excited to have a daughter and already dreaming of the fun mother-daughter things we will do and the relationship we will have. But I'm in shock, I really thought you were a boy. When the ultrasound tech typed "It's a GIRL!" on the screen Shelbey smacked my arm and said "I told you!" She thought you were a girl! She had her fingers crossed for a boy but is happy to have a niece, too. The ultrasound showed a few things that are a little concerning so we will go back for another scan to check up on those. You were also being stubborn and didn't want to show your face. Mama wants to see that sweet face, little lady, so you better be camera ready when we go back! (Get used to it! haha) 

The ladies got our nails painted pink in honor of you. Auntie Shelb is not a fan of pink nails so this shows how much she loves you, well that and the fact that she's carrying you for us... 

It was fun announcing to our families that you were a girl. Everyone is excited. They all want to know what we are going to name you. For a long time you mom and dad have talked about names they've liked and gone back and forth but now that you're on your way we are really unsure. Well, I am really unsure. I just want to give you a name that is "you" and fits you. So, we have decided not to tell anyone what we like and not make a decision until we see you. We have a little list and I keep asking Dad if he likes certain names - he's surprisingly picky! I like that he has an opinion and is being vocal, but sometimes I really wish he'd like some of the ones I suggest!

We moved into our new house! Yay!! Your room is painted (thanks to Papa and Gigi) and things are getting unpacked. We had a bunch of helpers and that was awesome. It's an adorable mint and tan and grey furniture will soon be there! 

Christmas was also this week! We went to Red Wing to see Papa and Gigi, as well as the rest of the fam, and got some fun little gifts for you! On Christmas Day we went to Jenny's house and celebrated with Papa John and Sue and that gang. The next day Mama had a photoshoot and it was Vicki's birthday. Then we had Christmas at our new house with Grammie D and Papa Radde and that gang. We didn't know yet if you were a boy or girl so Kohlton has a ton of clothes that may look a little masculine, but you're still going to wear them! They're full of airplanes and other cute stuff like that since he is a pilot. 

Such a busy, but exciting, week! 

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