Week 20: carrot

It's official - you are half baked :) Stay in there a while longer. I want to snuggle on you so bad, but I can wait! 

This week we spent time getting more settled into our new home and things have slowed down just a little bit. Mom, Dad and Shelbey all celebrated New Years together with our friends the Fetts and Vicki. The Fetts also have a little miracle babe on her way and I am so excited for you to be friends with her! They're good friends of ours so I know both families will find time to do things together and make sure you know each other. 

We had a little fun with your bump date photos this week-Shelbey wanted to use the Ben and Jerry's ice cream "half baked" in some of the shots! Haha! It was funny doing photos in the snow, (yup, it's here to stay for a while now) while she was eating ice cream. 

We did buy some clothes now that we know you're a girl and that was so so so fun! I loved picking out things for you. But what Mommy loved even more was watching Dad choose little pink and purple outfits for you. He was so cute looking at the itty bitty onesies and proudly choosing some. He did find some camouflage and athletic ones that will be adorable to see you in. I got some on sale for next winter and already have them in your closet. We are so excited to set up your room, too! I just still can't believe I get to be your mom. We have been doing some reading to try and help prepare us and make us the best parents we can be for you. 

Auntie is still waiting to feel you move around. When we were at the ultrasound we found out the placenta is in front of her belly so she's not really feeling you kick against her but when we listen to your heartbeat when can hear you swimming all around and saw you rolling in her belly so we know you're active. I'm really anxious to feel you from the outside. Sometimes not having that connection to you is hard and I still get sad but there are so many more happy moments than sad moments. Life is already different and once you get here it will be even more so. I am trying to imagine it and am full of wonder and excitement and talk of you often, little lady!