Week 21: napa cabbage

Why again was I concerned about the lack of snow?! It has been so dang cold here lately! 

But: great news: We have your crib! It's beautiful and your dad set it up himself without a whole lot of hassle. Thanks Target! Well Dad did most of it. I took photos. But that's how we work! :)

This week has been fun. I went sale shopping with Grammie and Shelbey and got great deals on some things for you. We started our baby registries at Amazon and Target. It was pretty exciting choosing things for you, hoping you will like them!

We celebrated another birthday- Lola Louise! {I forgot to mention Isabele got a puppy for Christmas so now you have another "auntie" to get to know- Winnie.} I'm not sure if Lola knows you're growing in Shelbey's belly but we are hoping she likes you when you get here. Typically, she's not too keen on small things. Other big news is Shelbey got a new job. I'm sure you're taking it easy on her but be extra nice these next few weeks as she's learning a new job. You'll be comfortable in the surroundings: she's working in the hospital where you'll be born as a pharmacy tech. So awesome for her! 

We have spent some time talking with a lawyer about the adoption process since that is what I will have to do once you arrive to make you legally mine. In my heart you already are but we will make it official, too!