Week 31: broccoli

Big news of the week: a random super snowy day. It came down hard but was mostly melted, at least at our house, by the next day. Thank goodness. I don’t want to bring you home in a snowsuit!

I also spent the better part of two days washing, folding and organizing all your clothes by size. They feel so soft and smell so good. Having special laundry soaps and stuff for you makes me feel more prepared.

Last Friday night Auntie Shelbey, Grammie D and Papa Radde came over for dinner. After dinner (and a brownie) you were putting on quite the show. I’m not sure if you were doing karate, kick boxing or dancing. All we know is you were going nuts. Shelb also sent a video of you on another night this week where you were playing at nighttime. She was ready to go to sleep and you wanted to play. I think we are in for some late nights. Momma is a night owl so maybe it will be ok, but we are going to do our best to make sure you are on a schedule that works well for us all

On Saturday mom helped a friend shoot a wedding and got back in the swing of wedding photography again. Super fun but it did make me a bit anxious about all the weddings we have on the books this summer (16 between May and October). I’m not so anxious about leaving you with someone but most about keeping up with the strict pumping schedule; because I am inducing lactation I will be required to pump and/or nurse every three hours to keep the supply available. I’ll learn more next week when we go to our lactation appointment and then peek at you on an ultrasound, but I am getting a little nervous. Nourishing you while still being a professional will take some balance and support!

We spent Sunday night babysitting for our friends. Three little kiddos for a few hours was super fun. After watching Paw Patrol with them we are all ready to watch that cartoon with you. It was fun watching your dad play with kids. He's going to be a good dad who will play fun games with you outside. Pretty excited. 

Shelbs told me today “55 days!” Wahoo!

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