Week 10: Prune

This week have been on a big rollercoaster. After we got home we were still just in awe that we were going to be parents but had a scare. Mommy got a text message from Auntie Shelbey. "I have been spotting and I am going to the clinic. I am going to go alone and if there is something I will have you come over right away." Because of the kid of bleeding she was having we weren't sure if we were losing you. So many questions: did we over-do it on the trip? Was flying a bad idea? Is it another miscarriage? Would we get through another setback? Auntie Shelbey went to the ultrasound and there you were, a healthy little heartbeat going strong and baby in the sac measuring just a little small, but overall right on track!! SUCH great news. She came over and had three little ultrasound photos. The doc said it was just some spotting that was normal and should go away soon - nothing to be too concerned about. Mommy shed a few tears, and daddy, too! 

We got so excited after we had a doctor appointment! It felt so much more real now :) We went to Babies R Us because we wanted to look at "stuff" mainly we wanted to try out strollers and car seats. We found a few we liked and didn't like. In honor of that trip we took the bump date photos in the store. We had a few strange looks, but we got the photos! 

After the appointment and the thumbs up from the doctor we felt ready to tell other about you! Shelbey had send the photos of the ultrasound to Mom and Dad and we saved them in our phones. Auntie Vicki saw the photo in Dad's camera roll when they were at dinner celebrating your cousin Lauren's 18th birthday. She kept her lips sealed at dinner but called dad later to ask him what she saw.

Shelbey had planned to do Mom's friend's Katie's hair this week so some of Mom's friends came over, too. Mommy got to meet Fiona, Malisa's little lady, and hang out with her friends while Shelbey did Katie's hair at her house. We decided to have Mexican food for dinner. We brought chips and put your ultrasound photo into the bag before we got there. So when Malisa opened the bag the first thing she saw were sonogram photos! She freaked out and it was fun being able to talk about you! We told them all about how you came to be - they had been there for Mommy when things were tough and she was sad. It was great to be happy with them about baby things for a change.

We made plans to tell my dad and Sue about you. We made plans for dinner. We went to Pizza Luce and said "so how does that lifetime fishing license work?" My dad had said for years the first grandchild would get a lifetime fishing license and he'd take them fishing! He said "Why!?" "Well, you're going to be a grandpa! Shelbey is pregnant with our baby!" We spent the meal time talking about you and what names they'll have you call them. Grandpa decided on Papa John and Sue needed more time to think about it - I'm sure she will come up with something cool :)

To tell Dad's family we thought it would be good to tell them when we were all together to bury your great-grandma Bergman's ashes in Dawson. So we made a shirt for your cousin Rylan that had a little mustache on front and we ironed on letters that said "if you" mustache and on the back it said "I'm going to be a big cousin." They were confused at first, but then excited when they figured it out. 

To tell MomMom and PaPa we called them and said they would have to come back to Minnesota in May for the birth of their second great-grandchild. They prayed long and hard for you and were excited to hear you were healthy and on your way :) 

Grammie D, as she has decided to be called, found a cute sleeper that says "grandma thinks I'm adorable" and gave it to me, along with some flowers after our doctor appointment this week. It's a fun little outfit we are excited to put you in :) Carl, or Papa Radde, has said he thinks you're a girl. The rest of us are still deciding what we think! A few weeks ago Mom couldn't help herself and blurted out to uncle Kohlton that you were on the way. He was shocked but so excited! He's been a great secret keeper so far! 

We have a plan for making a Facebook and social media announcement, but it will be in a few weeks!

Now that people know it's so excited to talk about you and the fact that we are going to be parents! Thank you for giving us this title.