Week 23: bunch of grapes

This week has been a very busy one for your mama! I had three photo sessions in three days. One family session, one engagement session and one maternity session. It was an awesome weekend! And when we did your bump date photos it was snowing so so so much! It made for some really cool images :)

We also got the recliner for your room. And we assembled the dresser, someday Mom will laugh about how much she messed up but not now. Let's just say the hormones I am taking to induce the lactation for you are making Mom weepy. There are literally tears in that dresser. Your dad is a sweet sweet man who lets me mess up, cry and still loves me! To him re-doing an hour and a half of work that your mom did completely backwards was not a big deal. Be sure and thank him someday for his patience with us.

But the happy part is: Now all the big pieces are in! They look so good together and it is fun to sit in your room and just think about you being in there to sleep and play and rock in the chair with us. I can't wait to get it all done and have your little oasis complete. So far I love it and like to sit in the chair and read.

There is some other exciting news in Mom's professional life. She is working with a wedding company in the Twin Cities as a contracted wedding photographer! I met with the team this week and it was fun. I told them about you and they want to meet you. It's fun for me to be able to network with people who value some of the same things I do. I also love telling people about you and your story. Many ask your gender and when I say girl the response it typically involves a slight tilt of the head and "oh! A girl," in a sweet voice. It's fun :)

Auntie Shelbey's new job has her on her feet a ton and it's been hard on her - lots of swelling! Mom found some compression socks for her that we are all helping will help. Be nice to her!