Week 24: eggplant

"What was that weird black thing this week?" That's what your Uncle Kohlton wanted to know when he saw this photo. Haha! Clearly he never had a PURPLE eggplant. Made us all giggle. We hung out at Grammie and Papa Radde's house for a while when we were doing your bump photo and Dad was carrying the eggplant like a baby - it was cute. 

This week Mom, Dad and Auntie Shelb hung out and ate tacos and watched the movie "Baby Mama" together. It's a comedy about a surrogate and a single mom, not exactly a parallel to our life but it has some similarities and we had a few good laughs. Sometimes we have to have a little lightheartedness about all of this! 

Another cool thing we did was a triple date night with some of Dad's best friends in downtown Minneapolis. The other two couples are parents and to talk to them about becoming parents was really neat. It was fun getting tips about transitioning from couple to a family go three but it also made me long that much more for you. We are enjoying our time as a pair as much as possible. There are lots of spontaneous date nights and sleeping in that we plan to soak up as much as possible before you come join us, Small Fry. :) 

We also celebrate Mommy's and your cousin Rylan's birthdays with our families!

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