Week 29: pineapple

Sweet pineapple, 29! Pineapple is one of my favorites on pizza and grilled chicken sandwiches and in stir fry but it's one of about three things your dad doesn't care to eat (the other being coconut!) It's fun to have some foods I am more familiar with to represent your size. :) (Mom's a fairly picky eater ... a trait I hope you do not share with me!)

This week was another rough one on your mom - I just didn't feel well. I got pretty sick and spent a lot of time resting and trying to heal. 

Last weekend your cousin Rylan stayed with us for a few nights. We played, went shopping, went swimming and Dad took him to a sportsman auction with Papa Radde and Grammie D. I stayed with your auntie Isabele who had her tonsils removed last week. It was fun to have a kid in the house!

On Monday we got to listen to your heartbeat again (155) at a bi-weekly check up. Everything was great! Our doctor said you are looking good, Shelbey is looking good and everything is on track which I love to hear. At the end of this week we have wrapped up the 20s and are really on the home stretch. Saying Shelbey is 30-something weeks pregnant is just crazy! Love you sweet babe :) 

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