Week 28: red cabbage

We are in the third and final trimester – way to grow baby!  Overall this week doesn’t have a whole lot to report. Mom’s been pretty sick and in bed most of the week.  Not fun at all. She’s got bronchitis and a sinus infection on top of a cold.

Dad’s been busy working and Auntie Shelb is back in the hospital working again. One day, by noon. she had walked seven miles within the hospital delivering patients their medicine. You’re not making it easy on her feet – I thought we talked about that! Be nice!

You don’t know it, but you practiced sharing. This weekend Lola, Auntie Shelbey’s dog, stayed with us and you let her wear some of your newborn-size outfits and try out a carrier someone gave to us. We did hang some little arrows in your nursery that Dad cut and made and Mom painted last week, they look pretty cute in there. We also spent a lot of time organizing our garage, before now it had been too cold to be out there very long. Mom is super happy to have that done and ready – your stroller is easy to get to and I can’t wait to go on walks together. Dad has a new little “man nook” in the garage where he can escape when there’s just too much girl stuff going on inside.  Daddy went ice fishing on Sunday while Mom helped out at Grammie D’s painting and redecorating the living room there.

The app we follow for bumpdate photos said you are is big as a 16 inch coconut – those must only be available in paradise or something cause there were absolutely none to be found, not even online, so we found something more appropriate: a red cabbage. I’m not sure why it’s called “red” cause that is a beautiful share of magenta. I am so excited to teach you colors and letters and numbers. We love reading books to you and sending them to Shelbey to play on her lullabelly to you. She said you especially love “Olivia” books, they’re about a naughty pig, as you know; I think that’s kinda cute :)

We love hearing about you from Shelbey. She says some days while she is working you kick and other days you nap – I’m hoping you like to stay awake and play during the day and sleep at night. Maybe you could practice that? Just 11 more weeks, or so, until I get to be called Mom, I am so so so excited!