Week 38: pumpkin

You’re still in there. I’m still waiting. Along with the rest of us.

This week you’re apparently as big as a pumpkin; Dad and I bought this one in November at a craft store knowing we would never find a pumpkin in May. We think it looks huge, but maybe you’ll surprise us and be big!

We had an appointment to check on you on Friday and your heartbeat was good and you’re appearing to be content hanging out with Shelbey. I promise we are cool, too. Mom and Dad are fun and really really want to hold you and kiss you and play with you. So c’mon out!

We have spent a good amount of time hanging out with MomMom and PaPa, it’s great having them here. I love it and spending time with them. It’s hard sometimes being so far from them, but we all make efforts to keep our relationships in tact and value them so much. I can’t wait to see them with you!  Poor Shelbey has had a tough week with her sciatic nerve – lots of leg pain and swelling. Some of the time we have spent hanging out has been uncomfortable for her – be easy on her (or just come on out!) You aunt Meghan also came and visited – she is home from Kuwait for a while. 

Showers were the big news this week – we had two over the weekend. Auntie Isabele threw one on Saturday and Gigi threw one on Sunday. Both were great! We have some amazingly generous friends and family who have helped make is more prepared for you to come! At Isabele’s shower they had us play a game where we guessed who would do the chore, Mom or Dad. We plan to share a lot of the duties but it made me so excited to be a parent with him. He already defends you, thinks of you, talks of you and deeply loves you, Small Fry. You are special to him already!

At the showers we got a ton of books for your library. I can’t wait to have you sit on my lap and read bedtime stories together and teach you all sorts of things. You also got some super special blankets, MomMom crocheted a beautiful white blanket for you, I just adore it, it’s really special and I want to wrap you up in it and take photos! Gigi made a really cute quilt with pinks and blues and arrows. It’s perfect for when we play outside! Papa John gave you a light up Barbie fishing pole and lifetime fishing license, I foresee lots of fishing trips in your future! Grammy made some burprags and got us the diaper bag we’ve been eyeing for months! I have it all packed and ready!

Our bag is packed for the hospital, yours is packed, too. Dad and I worked to detail the car and install the carseat base. I ordered your baby book. I washed another big load of your laundry and have it, and all the other awesome shower gifts, put away. Your baptism day details are finialized with the church (the invites and flowers are even ordered!) Seriously all we need is you. So come, seriously anytime. (Just a reminder, though, that your due date, or the day after, would not be ideal days. I really want to shoot that wedding!)