Week 39: watermelon

I’m writing this on May 20 – your due date. Your bag is packed complete with outfits for you to wear in the hospital and on your way home, blankets and your baby book. A suitcase is packed for Dad and me and I have been driving around with your carseat in the car. Just letting you know so you know how ready we are to meet you. After tomorrow your Auntie is sending an eviction notice!

This week has been eventful. Your poor dad had a chunk of his wisdom tooth break off. It was sharp and rubbing on his cheek muscle. The dentist said the nerve was not exposed but likely would be soon if he didn’t get it addressed. So he went to an oral surgeon and they scheduled him an appointment to get all four wisdom teeth out. Thursday morning (May 19) he used laughing gas and Novocain and had all four removed. He is strong and a trooper. I am proud of him and glad he won’t be in pain when you’re born. I hope his recovery goes smoothly and there are no more issues!

We also wanted to make sure the outside of our house was as ready as the inside so we bought some pretty flowers to put on the patio. It’s ready to greet you and for the summer! I also made a door wreath to put on our front door when it’s time for you come home.

Your room is now completely ready. Grammie D worked hard to get the sheets and changing pad cover ready. It looks so cute. We will have fun photo shoots in there and will show off your nursery with you in it. We will make lots of memories in there!

Fishing opener was last weekend and Dad and I went fishing. It was super windy so I didn’t fish. I made sure nothing blew away while Dad caught a fish. We went again the next day and it was quite a bit calmer and there weren’t issues so I fished, too. I even caught more than Dad. Papa John sent me a photo of a infant life jacket for you for his boat and told me he’s ready to take you out!

I got to have a coffee date with MomMom and PaPa. It was a really good time and opportunity to spend some alone time with them. I also love that PaPa loves caramel coolers as much as I do. We talked about you, about them becoming parents when they were young and about them growing up as they were raising their children. We have so many resources as we raise you and we feel pretty lucky to have that. We also had a triple date night with Auntie Shelbey, Eric, Uncle Kohlton and Samantha. We watched Eric play softball and then all went out to dinner together. Summer weather is here (for the most part) and we can’t wait to have you tag along with us.

Auntie can see the tippiest tip of her toe and that’s it! You like to hang out on her left side and snuggled in her belly. Just so you know, there is a lot more room out here. Mommy has a wedding to shoot tomorrow and is super excited about it so come on out on Sunday!